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A place where ideas come to life.

"We come up with new ideas and turn them into reality to deliver the best experience and business benefits to our customers."

Who We Are

Our Story

Zion was established in 2009 with the name "Baby Yak", which was later changed to Zion in 2012. We worked mainly on government projects until 2019 and decided to make our products. Now, with more than 20 members and multiple businesses, we are moving into the global market to launch our products.

Our Mission

Our mission is to support various businesses with innovation and technology.

Our Values


The right attitude is the key to forming a great team.


We are more productive and stronger with everyone's voice and participation.


We prefer to be one perfect team than one ideal individual.


We believe that continuous learning and growth keeps us alive.


We believe that innovation is the accelerator of process.


We work to bring our customers to the next level, keep them highly efficient, and solve their problems.

Our Leadership

Lkhagvasuren. B

Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Bayaraa. B

Founder and Chief Technology Officer

Tuya. B

Chief Financial Officer

Munguntsetseg. B

Chief Business Officer

Battulga. L

Head of Development

Bayar. G

Head of Infrasturucture

What we do

Our Businesses

Our line of businesses are edTech service, software and tech service, and enterprise sofware. We’re moving beyond the Mongolian market and into immersive experiences like the global market such as student management, learning management, virtual classroom, human resources, payroll, communication and collaboration, and backend as a service (BaaS) to create a new value for Mongolia.

Software as a Service

We support various businesses with technology solutions that solve their unique problems and needs.

Backend as a Service

As backend development is the backbone of any software development, we help developers to build anything easily.

Zion Enterprise

Zion Enterprise is a Mongolian enterprise software company that provides products and services tailored for large businesses including internal and financial audit management, student lifecycle management, human resource management, and payroll software.


Reworkly, Inc supports companies with cloud-based human resources platform which manages employees' lifecycle. We have developed solutions to solve common problems companies face. With Reworkly, you can easily organize any kind of activities such as human resources, time, talent, payroll and recruiting in one place. Experience the latest technology and bring your company to the next level.


Hischool, Inc is an edtech company. With the increasing use of technology nowadays, we aim to integrate technology with learning to create the best experience for educators and learners. With Hischool, anyone can create an online school from anywhere easily and low-costly. All of our digital tools are built for working together in one place. Whether you are an individual, a team, or an organization, you can undergo digital transformation in just a few minutes.


Aircampi, Inc is a software and tech company. Our production-ready backend is made to build and scale your backend easily from simple Single Page Applications to Complex Enterprise Systems. Aircampi takes out the hard work from backend developers and allows them to focus more on their desired business logic and frontend design. By using our product, backend developers will be able to build backend services in just a couple of minutes.


Hicampi, Inc offers communication and collaboration platform. With Hicampi, businesses or individuals can create a campus to work on a project, manage tasks, and communicate with each other. On a campus, collaborating with clients, teams, and partners is made easily, and Hicampi supports any kind of campuses, such as communities, blogs, and cross projects. Create your campus and work in a virtual environment.

Contact Us

Soyoliin tuv urguu, #1010 Amar Street 2 Sukhbaatar District Ulaanbaatar, 14200 Mongolia